27 January 2020

Dear Kingdom Destiny Church,


Greeting and welcome friends and partners of Kingdom Destiny to our Weekly Reflection. This will be a devotion to help us focus as we start each week.  We will walk and grow together as we allow Jesus to minister to us His Word. The church emphasis for the first 6 months is on the Kingdom Of God. So it is approriate to talk about  Jesus's ministry  as He teaches on the kingdom, begining with, 


The Parable of the Weeds

Read:  Mt 13: 24-29 / 36-42




The disciples ask Jesus to explain  the parable. They know what the weeds are, but it is not clear how these and the other images are related to the Kingdom of God.

Jesus explains, God sows good seed. God causes righteous people, represented by the good seed to spread throughout the land. They are identified as God’s children. But the evil one comes to sow bad seeds to corrupt and to spoil them eventually to destroy God’s plan. The bad seeds cause the good seed (believers) to trip, to sin, and even to backslide away from God. But weeds intermesh with good seeds is the real world we live in. We cannot try to avoid or not be exposed to the news and social media of acts of sin, evil and corruption. Paul says, though we are in the world, we should not be of the world. That’s not easy but daily we must remind ourselves that we are Light and Salt set apart by God for His purpose.  But once we are integrated, we can lose the essence and effectiveness of being the Light and Salt if we are not strong.


Then how did the weeds (enemy)  came in? The scripture tells us in v.25 ...'as everyone was sleeping, the enemy came in to sow weeds among the wheats.' We must stay alert and be vigilant to know the enemy's strategies. Dont 'sleep' when we are supposed to be reading the Word and pray.  Next, the application why we should not pull out the weeds is about believers. We should not try to be judge to decide who are the righteous and who are not. Because our God has a different plan. God will do it at harvest time or judgment. There is a time for everything. Part of God’s plan is to eliminate evil in this world. It has already begun with Jesus coming to die and to defeat the enemy.  Amen.


Ps Joe Lim