5 March 2020 

Today I would like to share about life ambitions. Let me start by asking you ...“What events or people in my past have crippled my ambitions and potential to do something great for God? And what will it take for me to become daring enough to be a success for God ?



Read: Ex 3:11 / Jer 1:5 / Jer 29:11


Moses was a skilled and gifted person. When he was young, he tried to take hold of his destiny and ambition into his own hands. His timing and methods were off and he failed miserably. With a dead Egyptian buried in the sand and a price on his head, he retreated to the backside of the desert. As Moses watched the sheep and replayed his mistakes in his head for forty years, he allowed his dreams to wither away. Still carrying the shame of disgrace of his past, Moses wasn’t ready to volunteer when God called him at the burning bush. He had no more ambition to do anything great for God- no passion, no zeal or dreams. As God asked him to see the possibilities, Moses protested repeatedly, 'Who am I, he asked.' He had lost the advantage of being raised in Pharaohs’ household.  Now he was an unknown and insignificant shepherd. “What should I tell them. He asked?”

Moses could not imagine himself back in Pharaoh’s courts much less  confronting the most powerful leader in the world.  

But in spite of his protest, feelings of inadequacy and past failures, this insignificant, super-cautious, stuttering shepherd without a message finally bowed to the call of God on his life. With God’s help (in providing Aaron) Moses obeyed and delivered the assignment from God. He became a leader for all time. (Richard Doebler). Many of us are in the same boat like Moses was. Suppressed, oppressed and denied the opportunity or let down by others, we dare not dream or try again. We live a defeated life.  

My prayer for you – is that we do not allowed shortcomings and failures to miss the sight of God’s long arm of grace upon you to fulfill your call. Your failures and mistakes are preparing and moulding you into His given destiny.  C’mon, friends, Get up, hear His word, obey and start moving  forward again.

Yes,  You can.  Amen


Ps Joe Lim